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16 Dec 2017 under General by Fun
Am 43 years old, I got blind
at d age of 6, due to my blindness, i
attended "school for d blind". At d age
of 32, I got married to a woman. My
wife is a very beautiful woman as people told me. I have 4 children, 2
girls n 2 boys. I can only feel my wife n
children but I can't see them. 2014 July
23, i was at home when I received a
call. I was told that my wife got into a
serious accident and was rushed to d hospital. When i got to d hospital, d
doctor told me that one of her leg
needs to b cut off. I cried and knelt
down at d hospital, I prayed to God
and fortunately, God spared my wife's
life and am grateful even though she's having just one leg. But now life is
very difficult for my family and i, and
my children are no longer going to
school. Please, this man and his family
need your prayer. May God provide
for this man and make d life of this man and his family easier ,
16 Dec 2017 under General by Fun
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12 Dec 2017 under General by Fun
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06 Nov 2017 under General by Fun
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06 Nov 2017 under General by Fun
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