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Date: 11 Mar 2015 14:58
Category: Advantages Of Being Single
Author: Fun
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1.You can sleep well.
2.You can save time and money.
3.No worries about how you look.
4.No miss calls in the midnight.
5.No need to recharge more than twice a day.
6.You can talk to all boys/girls.
7.You can eat well
8.No scoldings from parents/guardians.
9.Can eat in any restaurant.
10.You can visit any body.
11.can pick any call, any time without being questioned.
12.Don't worry about missed calls.
13.You will have 100% rest of mind.
14.you will live a long life.
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kay [13 Mar 2015 07:29]
Lol sounds like Bs to me
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